Let me help you make your writing the best that it can be!


Everyone has a story to tell. Your words are important, and they matter to the world! When you finally put your writing out into the universe, you want it to be your best.

Whether you are looking to improve the content and structure of your story, or you simply need copy editing done, I can help you. Every writer needs that extra set of eyes on his or her work to give a fresh perspective or a polished appearance. Read below to see the three different options that I offer that will take your writing to the next level!



Are you still working on your writing? Do you want someone to help you with plot, character, or dialogue? If you are looking for feedback and direction with your draft...this is for you.

Let me give you constructive feedback to make your writing the best it can be!



Copy Editing

If your content is just as you want it to be, but you need someone to check your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation....this is for you.

Give your work the polished look that it deserves!



If your writing has a pretty solid foundation (This is not your first draft!), and you would like copy editing done along with constructive feedback...this is for you.

Let me help you polish all aspects of your writing so that your work really shines!